Safety Tips – 2019

Safety Tips – 2019

Here at King Kullen, we strive to provide a clean and safe working environment.  The following tips are friendly reminders to help maintain that goal.

January – There are many distractions right now that can affect our focus and resolve. Make an extra effort to look for safe solutions and follow safe practices. Watch out for slippery roads while driving, icy surfaces while walking outside and wet floors while moving about the stores. 

February – Cold and flu season is still here. Preventive recommendations from the School of Medicine and Public Health include: wash your hands frequently; avoid sharing objects; avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes; get enough sleep and avoid getting “run down;” keep common areas and surfaces clean. 

March – When spring cleaning, either in the house or the yard, pace yourself. Don’t over do it. Stretch a little before hand, and lift properly so you don’t hurt your back. Enjoy the outdoors!  

April –  Considering that it has rained the majority of this month, your inside spring cleaning should be almost complete but your yard may look like a jungle. If you are able to venture outdoors soon, once again pace yourself, and don’t try to get everything accomplished in one day.    

May – Enjoy safe and fun family BBQ’s. Always use sun screen while outdoors

June – While outdoors wear proper repellent and check for ticks when done. While enjoying our wonderful beaches, always watch for undertow and enjoy the water within the designated areas.