KK #50 – Bellmore

Store #50 would like to welcome new management trainee, James Massoni, to our store!  He will train throughout the store, visiting each department along the way.  There is a lot to learn!  Good luck, James, in your King Kullen Management career.

Some news from aroud the store:

Patty Cox’s daughter, Jillian, is getting married this June .  She will enjoy her Honeymoon in Europe for 2 weeks.  

A sad goodbye to Frank Reilly, our Produce manager. He was transferred to #53.  But a “hello” to our new manager Victor, who replaces Frank.  Best of luck to both men in their new stores!

Happy college graduation to both Nikki and Ryan from our office!  Congratulations!

A few “happy birthdays” go out to cashiers: Emily, Nathaly, and Clyde.

Bookkeeper Keith just got back from vacation in Florida with his family,  and enjoyed the warm weather.

We would like to welcome back cashier Carlee from college who will be staying for a while.

Also welcome, Anna, to our office as she was promoted from cashier to bookkeeper.  She’s doing a great job.

A sad goodbye to Cheryl, who left us to move to Florida, She was tired of our NY weather.  Best of luck to you!

Poor Brenda, who had another car problem, she thinks her car is jinxed.  But it does get her to work on most days.  

A welcome back goes out to our many returning college students, Thomas and Eric in the Deli; Patrick, Dan, and James.

Welcome back to Jose who returned from an extended stay in his home county of the Dominican Republic.  Glad you’re back, we all missed you.

In our Bakery we say goodbye bakery manager Apo, who went to #16, and to Baker, Asraf, who was transferred to #23. We add to our team new Baker, Carlo.

To everyone at King Kullen, we in Bellmore wish you all a fun and relaxing summer to all!