KK #35 – Shirley

Well, the chill snow and ice has finally left us and now it seems there is a little spring in our step in beautiful downtown Shirley!  Summer is right around the corner…the beached are getting ready to open up full time, the campground is alive, and the surf is definitely up.

A quiet couple of months here.  A few hires have joined our happy workplace: Michelle, Jamie, and Megan.  Thanks for joining the family and good luck to you!

Mr. Jepsky has been out with a knee injury for a bit, and we all hope to see him back here real soon!

We would liek to welcome Mr. Paul Farina.  Paul was out a bit with an injury, but has come back early to help us out.  He is limping along just fine, and doing a great job.

All departments are firing on all cylinders getting ready for the summertime ruch of campers and beach-goers.

Hopefully everyone has a great summer.  A lot of vacations coming up down the road in all departments.  So until the next issue, enjoy the weather when you can and be safe this summer.