KK #1 – Patchogue

Hello for Store #01!  Happy Memorial Day and Fourth of July!

Birthday wishes go out to Irene, Julia, Jessica W. and Jessica A.  Happy Birthday to one and all! 

Congratulations to our Knights of Honor. 

Best wishes to George in Bakery as he will soon become a grandfather.

Congratulations to our College and High School Graduates.

Goodbyes to Maryann who retired and is off to Texas; Kyle who left us to go to Smith Point Park for the summer; Jessica W. and Christina in Pharmacy who got Full time Jobs; happy for one and all!

Congratulations to Joe Notaro and Terri (#51) who became grandparents for the first time on May 25, 2018 to Angelina Rose Notaro. Grandparents and parents are very VERY happy.

Have a great Summer, see you in the fall.

Joe and Terri Notaro’s Granddaughter, Angelina.