Meghan Madtes Featured in The Viscardi Center Newsletter

The Viscardi Center is a network of non-profit organizations that provide a lifespan of service that educate, employ and empower children and adults with disabilities. The Center publishes a newsletter, called the “Viscardi Voice”, and King Kullen’s  very own Meghan Madtes of our Garden City Park location was featured!

The article states: “There’s no better feeling than earning a living by doing meaningful work that brings out the best of your talents.  Just ask Meghan, a determined young woman on the autism spectrum who, with the support from Viscardi, turned her passion for creativity into a rewarding career at a local King Kullen bakery.

Meghan takes great pride in tying on her apron each morning before she prepares dough for the oven, weighs and labels delectable cookie platters, arranges fresh pastries in the display case, and assists customers.  But for Meghan, now at her job for nearly two years, the icing on the cake is the profound sense of accomplishment and belonging she experiences as a respected participant in the workforce and community.

“Working in a bakery has helped me feel more comfortable being on my own,” she said.  “The best past about my job is that I’ve been given the tools to be independent.”

With a talent for sketching and drawing, Meghan turned to The Viscardi Center to bring her artistic endeavors to the working world.  She received one-on-one guidance from a Viscardi placement specialist, who connected her unique needs and interests to an appropriate role.  Today, she received on- and off-site assistance from a Viscardi job coach dedicated to helping her reach her full potential on the job –that way, Meghan has the confidence to do what she loves week after week.

By gaining and sustaining long-term employment that promotes social skill development and provides a reliable paycheck, Meghan’s success story is still in the making.  She has dozens of plans for the near future, including building a savings fund, replenishing her wardrobe, and managing her own cell phone bills.  As for now, her biggest aim is to master cake decorating and piping techniques at the bakery.

“I’m always learning new things at my job,” Meghan said. “I work with great people, and it makes me feel proud that I can stay busy and spend mornings in a happy environment.””


Keep up the great work, Meghan!  King Kullen is proud to have you as one of our many talented associates.