Hello from Store #56 – Valley Stream!

Lots of changes her over the last few months.

First off, Lynn Tostaine, our Head Bookkeeper, and Patty Lewis, our Assistant Bookkeeper, both decided to retire in February after 13 years in Valley Stream, and over 30 years of service with King Kullen.  Lynn moved on to buy a house in Virginia near her sister and family, and Patty is enjoying her retirement with her husband, Cilo. We built a lasting friendship with them both, and we wish them both lots of luck, health, and happiness in the coming years.

Welcome to our new Head Bookkeeper, Stacy DiCecco, who comes to us from store #53, and our Assistant Bookkeeper, Joanne Onorato, who comes to us from store #7.  Joining us also on the bookkeeping staff is Elyssa, who came to us from store #23.  Hope you all enjoy working here with us.

Goodbye and good luck also goes out to our Assistant Manager, Al Schock, who left us to go to store #14.  We will miss his cheery disposition.

The welcome mat goes out to our new Assistant Manager, Dan Oliveira…hope you are as happy as Mr. Schock was to work with us.

Congratulations go to Stacy and her husband, Peter DiCecco (Deli Manager #8) on the recent wedding of their daughter, Jennifer.

Congratulations also goes to Doreen Zanfrillo’s daughter, Sharron, on receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Great job!

Speaking of Doreen, she and her husband, Billy, went on a cruise in February to the Bahamas with family.  They enjoyed it very much!

Sadly, we also lost two of our employees this past year, Wilfred Torrick, part-time clerk, and Ed Cain, or our Dairy department.  Prayers for them and their families.  They will be missed.

Well, that’s all for now.  Hopefully we will have some more updates in our next issue.