Goodbye winter, Hello Summer!  Hope Everyone is enjoying their summer so far.

We would like to say good luck to Chuckie G in produce that has moved out of North Babylon and gone to Wantagh.  It only took a week before a new candidate saw the opportunity and jumped right in!  Welcome to North Babylon, Andy!

Thank you to Carlos in Meat and Anthony in Seafood for stepping it up and helping us tremendously when we needed it, couldn’t have done it without you guys!  Rob, welcome back! People can smell your store-made, deep fried Crab Cakes as soon as they walk in the door.  Delicious!

Congrats to all of King Kullen’s High School and College Grads along with all the spring/summer babies being born.

We will never forget the amazing people we have lost over these few months. It’s still unbelievable, they will never be forgotten for all they have done and will be missed very much. They will always be in our thoughts, and their families in our prayers.

With that being said, life is too short! Live it to the fullest!

Wishing you all a safe and prosperous rest of 2016!