Hello all, from hot and steamy Store 34! The heat wave is keeping our very own “BOB-O” busy in the bottle room this summer!

A special welcome to our new asst. bookkeeper, Greta, who came to us from Store #8, and a welcome back to Tara, our scanning coordinator.

Our store manager, Mrs. Vitale, is spending her recent vacation on the beach with family in South Carolina. Speaking of beaches, our assistant manager, Mr. Leonard always looks to spend his vacations on the beach with his family. Other than trying to enjoy summertime, our dairy manager, Chris, is trying to perfect his backyard this summer for year round fun, and Phil is trying to keep us all amused with his many impersonations, especially of Johnny Carson, or anyone named John for that matter.

A special congratulations goes out to Mr. Vassallo and Mr. Villardi on their recent promotions, and we welcome Mr. Femminella to our district.

That’s all for now, we hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer!