Greetings from sweltering Garden City Park (come winter, we will complain of the cold!)!

We are starting off on a sad note.  Our store, along with all others, was saddened by the passing of Mr. Prince.  He was a great leader, friend, and true gentlemen.  He will be missed.  Ours prayers go out to his entire family.

It’s Baby Talk:  Nerida (office) became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy — We welcome Caden Lucca.  Patti (deli manager) became a great aunt! First to a bouncing baby boy, Dylan (born March 21, 2016), and again on July 18 to her great niece — Welcome Princess Brianna!

Congratulations to Vito (meat); his son recently got married.  Congrats to the new happily married couple!

Mr. Lucenti (Assistant Manager) just purchased a new home.  Welcome to the Book of the Month club.  Congratulations and good luck!

Our Assistant Bookkeeper, Lily, is enjoying a vacation visiting family on Croatia.

We welcome back after knee replacement, Maureen (deli).  After your next one, you’ll be walking better than Patti!


Well, enjoy the rest of your summer! —That’s a wrap for us.